Hidden Wireless Signal RF Wifi Detector

Hidden Wireless Signal RF Wifi Detector
Hidden Wireless Signal RF Wifi Detector
Hidden Wireless Signal RF Wifi Detector
Rs 999.00
Model: 536
Manufacturer: Detna
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Wireless signal detector has been designed with R F wireless broad frequency detecting. It can effectively prevent one from being peeped or tapped

Main applications for :
For a safety meeting like business negotiation and contract signing,Used for checking if there is a pin-hold video camera in hotel restaurant ,public toilet and change room, swimming pool, etc and also as a security means for military  and governmental bodies:

Application instructions:

  • Press the switch while detecting  green light indicates norma power source is ON. The first flash of cyan light means the completion of self-check of the device
  • Keep pressing the switch and moveleft and right and around while checking. When the cyan light glistens that means there is secret device isst-alled nearby
  • The brighter of the cyan light the more intensive frequency exists which means the secret device is very colse to you
  • In order to determine the exact location. Shorten the antenna. By doing so, it can reduce the detecting range and finally find out the "secret"

Main specifications:

  • Detecting frequency range : 100-3GHZ
  • Working range : 0-10meters
  • Working voltage : 12v (built -inpower source)
  • Dimesion : 68 x 48 x 18

Package includes:

  • 1 X  wireless signal detector
  • 1 X  wireless signal detector box

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